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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#100 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / Why ?

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I took a challenge today . At Mimi Writes.. at
She challenged her Peace Globe Worker Bees , the Peace Bloggers  and all the rest of the world to get started . Here is what she said ...
This is my challenge: If you are a peace blogger (even if you're not!) join me in counting down to the next BlogBlast For Peace on November 4, 2011. We say we want peace? The world wants to know why. Let's tell them.  Simply post this logo on your blog or FB page with one reason each day for the next 100 days.
How many reasons can we find? 
Let's go!

I signed up all excited , added my clock on the sidebar to the left and my logo on the right ! 
Then realized I would really have a time trying to Blog everyday for 100 days ~ I am getting writers block already ??
Then I thought what if I made a page for it ? hmm that won't work
 What if I just blog as normal and give a reason then ? hmm I normally don't blog everyday ?? I can do it ....
I could post a picture of something that gives me Peace right?
that should be easy , I have 1000's . 
I don't like focusing on the politics of reasons for Peace , but should I?
Writer's block... okay I will just use something I have today and worry about tomorrow's blog tomorrow. 

Count down 100 and counting ...  . 
I blog for Peace in Hope ... Hope that some day this world will stop being so violent and get along.
Here is a video I did yesterday for a org on facebook called ...  "Weed out Hate : Sow the Seeds of Peace" . They are spreading the word of Peace through seeds . You know me I love seeds and Flowers !!
    Sunflowers are the thing they push here, this is what they say ...
"Peace Seeds" Sunflower Seeds - The are "Smart" Seed Paks with an important message on the back panel: Sunflowers, like peace require much more than hope to flourish. A powerful symbol, they motivate children of all ages to pursue paths of peace. Begin by rooting out weeds, a metaphor for hate, bias, and prejudice. Freed from such negativity, your spirit with bloom enabling you to sow the seeds of peace.
 Here is the facebook link
Here is the video I made for them


See you tomorrow and as always Peace

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  1. Your 100 Reasons posts have been amazing. I treasure each one!


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