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Monday, August 29, 2011

#66 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / Monopoly part 4

Will Education become a Monopoly Game? 
In the beginning, most consumers don’t care about the side effects as the benefits outweigh the risks. When everyone is using the same OS and software the IT guys don’t need to bother converting them into other formats etc. and if a web service offers me so many services for free I might as well share some personal information with it to make the experience even better.
Looking at it from the education angle, the same as described above is of course somewhat true for budget stretched schools and colleges. Isn’t it far better to invest into a platform that offers the best applications, is cross-compatible to different popular devices and on the cutting edge of technology? Parents don’t need to bother to invest in dedicated devices, we just saw the idea of the Kno fail. And what did Kno pivot into? An application for the most popular tablet, the iPad.
And this leads me to the question who is going to have the monopoly on education in the future and how it may look like. Should the state take more control over the decisions which devices and software / applications get credited like in the publishing space? Should publishers that already have the long term expertise in developing textbooks and other education-related material work together more closely with hardware manufacturers? Should there be a dedicated device similar to the long awaited $35 tablet in India for the education space?

February 18, 2010 America's Global Weapons Monopoly
 this is a strong statement found in the link above 
Don't for a second think that the American global monopoly on weapons sales is accidental or unintentional. The constant and lucrative growth of this market for U.S. weapons makers has been ensured by shrewd strategic planning. Washington is constantly thinking of new and inventive ways to flog its deadly wares throughout the world. 

Well I can't say this has been fun . I have actually gotten a headache looking for this information . 

As  I have said before , I am learning if you have a real argument with what I have posted here ... Teach me, but keep it civil . 

Peace and Blessings be upon you all.


  1. I totally agree with the falling into the momopoly trap. Microsoft and Apple, for far too long, have had every user in its grasp. But there are alternatives, especially in the software front. Personally, I abandoned Windows a couple of years ago in favor of Linux. Linux is free and open source for all to use. From that platform also opens up over 32,000 software programs that are also open source and free to use. Many of which are geared to educational use. IBM has switched to the Linux platform, as have many top 100 companies. Countries have also dropped Windows in preference to Linux. Brazil has mandated that all their schools will be running Linux. Google Ubuntu Linux, maybe even give it a try. There is a Live CD version that you can install over windows to try out, and it will not affect anything you have in windows. I have Ubuntu fully installed, and Windows in another partition in case I do need something in Windows. I haven't booted windows up in 2 years.
    As for Global Weapons Monopoly, I have sympathy for your headache from looking all that up.

  2. You won't get any argument from me on this, Terica. The "Mockingbird" graphic communicated a whole lot to me. Along the education front, I've always questioned the funding of public education being based on the local level. It absolutely leads to the "haves" and "have nots" in school districts. Inequality is built into the system!


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