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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#71/100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / to promote Students for Peace

I wanted to find out what the students of this generation is doing in the world for Peace ?
Sadly I found many websites closed or untouched for years ? 
But I kept looking searching for "Students for Peace " 
So here is some things I found that I  thought was pretty cool.

Each year over 1,100 students submit entries to the National Peace Essay Contest while thousands more participate in related writing and other classroom exercises in high schools around the country.
First-place state winners receive scholarships and are invited to Washington for a five-day awards program. The Institute pays for expenses related to the program, including travel, lodging, meals and entertainment. This unique five-day program promotes an understanding of the nature and process of international peacemaking by focusing on a region and/or theme related to the current essay contest.
National Peace Essay Contest for High School Students | United States Institute of Peace

Has your child written one of these essays ? I would love to post it here too ! 

click picture for larger image
In 2009 ...
Seven hundred students at Kyrene de las Brisas Elementary School celebrated 100 days of peace—no students sent to the office, no
arguments, no conflicts—by having a parade through the school, then heading outside for a peace-symbol photo and final cool-down
with frosty Otter Pops. It was a great day for the students, teachers and administration, who dressed for the occasion in “peace”
wear, school colors of purple and turquoise and gear symbolizing the school mascot, a gecko.

next Peace Story Quilt to go on display in New York
The 9/11 Peace Story Quilt, which was created to mark the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York on 11 September 2001, is set to go on display in the city this month.
Visitors will be able to see it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 30 August until 22 January 2012.
The quilt was created by the artist Faith Ringgold in collaboration with local students between the ages of eight and 19.
It comprises three 72-by-50 inch panels, each with 12 squares focusing on the theme of peace and the importance of understanding and communication between different cultures and religions.


Japanese students present 80,000 signatures for nuke abolition

GENEVA (Kyodo) -- A group of 12 high school students from Japan on Thursday presented to the secretariat of the U.N. Conference on Disarmament in Geneva some 80,000 signatures calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

 next Middletown teenagers take lead to counter violence

An idea by five Middletown teens to hold a series of meetings with middle and high school students in the hopes of promoting peace earned them $3,000 to get their endeavor started.

So I have hope there are some young people out there getting involved ! Do you know of any students doing something for Peace? 

See you tomorrow 

May Peace and Blessings be upon You.

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