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Sunday, August 21, 2011

#74/100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / The X, Y and Z generation

the generation following x

  I was born in 1962 , just at the end of the Baby-boomer era .
Shortly after that began the X Generation ??
The Y's are coming in to take on the world now and teach the Z's . 
Are the Z's going to care for the next generation to come ?
Are they going to fight for the air they breath the world they live in ? Will they Hope for Peace ? 
What will that generation be called ?? Will they still talk to them? Read them stories from Books ?

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I found this letter in our local paper and thought it was worth passing on .... Actually He is saying to the youth what I have been for a long time but needs repeated often . 

Parents should urge their children to action
To the Editor:
My intention was to address the younger generation, mainly university and college students, but because they generally do not read newspapers, I will instead address the parents of these kids. Let me start off by saying, I am a senior, retired military and retired from civilian life. As far as my politics are concerned, let’s just say that I’m a registered independent and my views tend to be on the conservative side.

I am urging all parents to talk to their kids and let them know, other than casting their votes in the ballot box, that they need wake up and pay attention to what’s going on in our country. Over the years, both parties have managed to cause financial havoc, and it is now time for all Americans to pay the price. 
I view kids today as being way too apathetic and overly concerned with their electronic toys, their music and their social media web sites that I must say are being used in an unproductive fashion. They fail to realize their beloved country is falling down around them.

They are not thinking about their future — or should I say lack of it.

I firmly believe the university students in the 60s were in large part responsible, because of their mass demonstrations and sit-ins, for ending the Vietnam War; one our government had no intention of winning.

Conversely, I did not agree with them in their non-support of the troops.

My point is, today’s youth have tremendous power to show their utter contempt over the way in which our elected leaders govern, determine policy, and without remorse, waste our money in a uncontrollable spending spree —causing distress in the economy as well as in our personal lives.

I am advocating that these students take time off from classes, make their intentions known on all social web sites, buy bus tickets and march by the millions in Washington. It only takes one person to start a movement! Our politicians noticed them in the 60s, and they will again notice them today.

It’s their future and their kid’s future that is at grave risk.

It won’t be so much mine, as I am in the later stage of life.

I am pleading with you, the parents, regardless of your political views, to talk to your children, ignite the spark in them and urge them to take action before it’s too late. They are not going to like what they see — and see they will.

In closing, look at what is happening in other countries where the population is unhappy with the way their dictators and/or politicians are running their country. Furthermore, take notice that most of the protestors are the younger generation.

Ken Allen

Pray for the Hope of the future generations !
See you tomorrow ...
May Peace and Blessing be upon You.

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