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Friday, August 12, 2011

#86 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / Homeland Terrorism

I woke up this morning planning on posting the next thing I had ready for my "Reasons I blog4peace" ....? I thought I would check the local news first to see what was going on ?
"Sanford,NC man charged with murder" he was 25, took the life of a woman 46.No said reason?  

Fuquay-Varina,NC 15 year old girl was stabbed 30 times.2 men 19 and 20. reason ...argument???

Elderly Spring Lake woman beaten, robbed in backyard

Elderly Spring Lake woman beaten, robbed in backyard 

 Well that is about as much Home Terrorism as I need to see this morning ...I want to cry or Scream.

Then I thought , Okay maybe I will go look for inspiration from my fellow "Peace Bloggers " 

1st thing I see Teenage boys brutally hunt down a 49 year old man and kill him for No reason but the color of his skin.All caught on video .This is sick 
2nd was a blogger saying "there ain't no peace" at​1/08/06/peace-peace-there-is-n​o-peace/

3rd I saw a video of Bob Marley a fellow blogger posted , It was the "Try Me" video but the blogger said when he heard this He sang "Try Peace" 
yea that is what I need ... a Marley fix !

What ever happened to Peace on Earth?

Okay let me find a song that will make me feel better.... and hopefully You too. 
I am now going to go to the garden and find some Peace there . 
Thanks for stopping by , Peace and Blessings to you all.  

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