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Friday, August 12, 2011

#92 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / Roses for Norway

I blog4peace... that these awful things will stop . That Hatred would be overpowered by Love . 

Roses for Norway

MOURNERS in the heartbroken city of Oslo carry flowers to remember their dead

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 I love to get snailmail so I am a member at , here You can meet all kinds of people that like to swap art, crafts , email , postcards ... You name it . Well with blogging ,gardening ,pressing and de-pressing I have had little time for playing with my flowers lately . So I decided to see if there was an easy swap to get into , to make me create something ??. 
Well I found it and it has a cause that fits right in with my 100 Reasons I Blog4peace !

A Rose For Norway ATC swap

Every major city here in Norway is covered with roses today, after the rose parades held last night, to show respect, support and love to everyone who has been touched by this enormous tragedy in our very small country which took place July 22nd 2011.
This inspired me to make a Rose ATC, which again inspired me to create this swap. Make a pretty ATC with a rose, or several roses on it, and send it to your partner. One partner - One ATC.
Measures are as always 2.5" x 3.5", use sturdy cardstock and please make something You are proud to send out!
Newbees welcome! Flakers not welcome!
EDIT: This comment posted at the swap made me think a little: 
It is heartbreaking to hear every day about what your country is dealing with. I would love to send you another 1 or 2 Rose ATCs to give to someone there who would be cheered up by it. Would you mind posting your address in the swap so we can send you extras?

If anyone wants to make an extra ATC or two, please feel free to send them directly to me: My name is RENATE HARLIGEN Street adress: KAPELLVEIEN 53 Zip : N-1555 Town : SON Country : NORWAY 
It would be AMAZING if we could get one card for each victim, which will be passed on. Please tell your swap-friends and spread the word! Thank you!!!!!

comments made at the swap
You know, change in the world begins one person at a time..It begins with me and how I treat people.Thank you Renate, for allowing us to do something! At times like these we feel helpless, but a kind heart and hand goes a long way. Blessing and prayers to all of you in Norway. Smiles, Fairyduster53
I will make an extra ATC for you AND I started another project to get a slide-show of roses for the victims. You can read it here: please scan your ATC's and post them in the flickr group (you can read in the post) so I can make an awesome slide-show with artistic roses for Norway to post on YouTube!
by Bluebird1981
 From "Renate" the swap coordinator
 I will not personally get in touch will all the families one by one, but I have been in contact with the Prime Minister office, who by the way is SO moved by all your support. Once they receive the cards they will distribute the cards to all their local offices in the different counties and districts, who again will distribute them to the families who lost someone in the attack. On a personal note, I just want to say it moves me to tears to see the overwhelming support you are giving here! Thank you SO very very much!!!! :o) :o) :o)
I've been crying for 8 days, crying for all the wonderful children who was ripped away from us, crying for all the families who lost their loved ones, I've even cried for the lost soul of the man who in his insanity did this. Now I am crying because I am so touched by all you generous swappers here at swap-bot. Thank you SO VERY much to you all! :o) :o) :o) 

Okay  after reading all this and visiting Bluebird's blog "Touch of Beauty."  She is opening a group up on Flickr to show Your roses ! A rose for Norway 

About A rose for Norway

I joined an ATC swap on swap-bot where you have to create a 'rose for Norway' ATC.

If you are also an artist or a teacher and you make your own rose or let your students create a rose for Norway you can upload the pictures here. I will put them in a slideshow later to post on YouTube.

It doesn't have to be an ATC! It can be a zentangle, a doodle, a painting, a drawing, ... but it has to be a rose for Norway.

I really hope you will all join in and spread the word so those who can't bring a real rose to Norway can send a artistic, virtual one.

Every medium is accepted although I would like to keep it hand-made roses only, no pictures of a rose please.

I was so moved, I had to blog about it ... got permission from "Renate" the swap coordinator and  here it is. 
I am sending a link to this blog to her and also Bluebird . I am hoping Bluebird will see my picture here and except it for her Flickr page ... She did say No Real Rose pictures .... even though this is definitely Not a snapshot .  
so this is my Rose to Norway .
My heart goes out to them all and hope they can find Peace in their hearts to go on.
Peace and Blessings to You all.  

update on Aug 15th 
 they are showing some of the cards that have been made here . 

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