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Saturday, July 30, 2011

#97 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / GRATITUDE part2

Yesterday I wrote about Gratitude .
When I tried to break it down into words it seems so hard .
I can't type that fast . peck peck peck

I had to stop because I had to get outside and water my gardens.
the waterloo blue is starting to bloom

I have 2 hours to think while I try to keep everything growing in this record breaking heatwave and drought. It will be 104 again today as it was yesterday ...

As I started to water I thought about the post I just wrote about Gratitude. what a list...
 I try to be grateful for everything in my life ! That is what helps me "stay at Peace" hmmm .

Maybe I need a series of Gratitude blogs ?? 
I like that ... what makes me Grateful  so I can "Stay at Peace"?

As I watered I thought about how grateful I am for Carl. 
He has helped me rethink and rebuild my life . He has been God sent for me .  We have the same goals to make our little acre a place of peace ... for us ... the animals and other critters  that live around us and the next generation to come. 
We make a good team on this house , yard and gardens .
We are good for each other . 

As I walked to the second hose , I thought about .... 
I was grateful that Carl dug  ditches and ran waterlines 100 feet or more and set up 3 hoses for me to water all my treasures .
 I am grateful for him not being as Cheap as me! 
So He buys stuff that last and does it's job well the Pull Once self propelled push mower that pulls me along it is so powerful ,  making mowing a Lot easier . 
He gave me the choose when we got this place ... 
 "Our little Acre of Peace "
We can have a riding mower and a uniformed yard or a push mower and as many flower beds as I want anywhere I want !!! Of course that is why I push and he does the weed-whacking  and bush removal !
He loves me for Who I Am ... not an easy job .
He helps my sons when he can .

Ginger adores him too.
loves nature as much as me

here is one of several benches He made from cut trees

He loves the G-kids as his own and they love Him too.  
Papa Carl helping Bradllee and his buddy play in the water at the park.

Papa Carl with Benjamin
Carl with Flora
 I am also grateful for his kind heart that makes him help our neighbors too like Flora !
   I am grateful for all the things he does for me and with me . He gives me Peace sharing life with him .
Thanks for stopping by now it is time to go play in the garden for a while and think of what I will post tomorrow .
Peace and Blessing to You all.  

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