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Friday, July 29, 2011

#98 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / GRATITUDE

I asked myself : “What would give you peace of mind ?"
Madison, Indiana Broadway Fountain
Maybe taking a trip back home to see My fountain ? I say My fountain because I this is where I went to meditate as a child . 
I still go there in my thoughts sometimes. It would be nice ....
But going to places– is a temporary solution …
Peace of mind never comes from going places , just being there! You always come back tired and feeling behind for taking the time away...
What about one of those sound machines that makes water sounds ... I could close my eyes and pretend it was my fountain! 
Then I would have to find a place for it on my cluttered night stand . Filled with books of how to , seeds and garden wishes for tomorrow... 
When you get more stuff, you have to find a place for IT , take care of IT ,maybe insure IT.
Then You will want even more stuff!That Stuff can own You...
Peace of mind starts with…GRATITUDE
gratitude - a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation; "he was overwhelmed with gratitude for their help"
feeling - the experiencing of affective and emotional states;
appreciativeness, gratefulness, thankfulness - warm friendly feelings of gratitude 
 Being grateful for what we have right now.
When we are GRATEFUL for what we have – for the friends we have, and for the things we’ve got, we attract more good people and good things!
Follow the lead of our spiritual leaders .
Every time you say a silent “thank you” with a heart of gratitude, whatever your circumstances, you will become more peaceful… 
People who always complain about what they DON’T HAVE, stay stuck.
Complainers attract more things to complain about!

I am Grateful for many things . I wish there was some way of showing my gratitude for all the blessings in my life .
My Sons they are the loves of my life . I have always wished them happiness and peace over material wishes . And the fact that all are healthy and working in these days is something to be grateful for !
My grandchildren , the hope for tomorrow . 
Sadly because of things beyond my control I do not get to see 3 of my 5 grandchildren. This will change one day I pray and hope , for that I will be grateful . Giving up on them because it is not the way I want it would never happen . 
Like Peace I have to believe it can happen one day !
Maybe I need to do more than 1 blog about being Grateful...
I have so many more things to list . 

 Wishing You gratitude today ....
Thank You for coming by ... Peace

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