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Thursday, July 28, 2011

#99/100 Reasons I Blog4Peace/ Hope for the future

 #99 of the count down  of My reasons I Blog4Peace

When people reach out to others for no reason of greed , just "Hope for the Future" generation ! 
I found this video of a remix of a song that has guided my life in many ways  ...
To try to find "a little Good news today " everyday ...
To find some positive in a negative situation .

I found this fabulous story at Sanford Herald

Jean Johnson, manager of one of Our local Kangaroo Convenience Store at the intersection of Horner Boulevard and Woodland Avenue, launched a summer reading exchange program last month as a way to motivate children to spend their summer vacation immersed in the world of reading. So far, she said the response has been greater than she anticipated.
Johnson ran the idea by her supervisor and was granted permission to launch the program at the Kangaroo store. Next to the counter, a cart is filled with an assortment of short stories for younger readers and chapter books for older children to choose from. Johnson started by purchasing a few second-hand books, but she has accumulated a wider selection as people have donated books throughout the summer.

Kids who come into the store take books to read, return them to the Kangaroo and take a few more. When they return the books, they give Johnson a list of what they read, and she adds their tally to a poster hanging above the counter. The kids also receive a small prize, such as a pack of gum or a small toy.

Johnson said the participating kids range in age from about 3-10.

Read more: Sanford Herald

to donate
Drop off children's books for the summer reading exchange at the BP/Kangaroo, 812 Woodland Ave., Sanford. For more information, call 774-4731.

 This is my grandson Bradlee with his books we gave him for his birthday. He loves books and these are the ones with read along CDs.

come back tomorrow for # 98 
Wishing You Peace

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