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Thursday, September 29, 2011

#36/100 Reasons I Blog4Peace/ Blog Media Power #2

Hello all I am doing a follow up as promised on the Occupy Wall St post ! I figure since the media needs violence to show attention , we bloggers need to get busy giving credit the people out there trying to change the world Peacefully! 

I am pleased to say I have learned it is breaking out everywhere! Including my home state North Carolina , hopefully I can find one near me soon as of now most are on the opposite side of the state ? none at the capital yet? 
 I want to watch these protest with Hope for Unity brought by Peaceful means and actions !  

Why they are "repeating-" the NYPD has forbidden them from using megaphones or any amplification. Every word, in every assembly, has been shouted back like this, to make sure that everyone can hear. Usually starts with a "mic check..." "MIC CHECK!" "mic check..." MIC CHECK!" "
NYPD has forbidden them from using megaphones or any amplification" Unbelieveble ! 
You have the freedom to speak! 

We the People have found our voices ! 

 I found this comment from someone after viewing this video that I felt was worth repeating
When they chanted we the people have found our voice, at the end of this magnificent speech, my eyes watered up a bit I almost shed a tear. This is an amazing time to be alive in this world, and I am so proud of the people all over the world who are making a final stand against evil and inequality. I can feel the scales weighing destinies in my soul, and I see and feel change rolling like tsunamis across the face of this place we call home. Long live the true spirit of Humanity.
Anyway I found this site that list a lot of the places that are gathering in Protest...

“Occupy Together”looks-like-the-movement-to-unify-all-protests/

here is the nearest I found near me now and I can pick my Mom up on the way too!

  Well I am off to check out some daily news on this and see what I can find? 
LOL I thought I was , I just got a call from an elderly 80ish neighbor needing walnuts picked up from her yard ! So I am off to do what I believe helps bring Peace to this world more than anything....People taking time to CARE for our fellow man. 

May Peace and Blessings be upon You! 

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