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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#38 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace/ Occupy Wall Street

Okay I have been busy here on our acre of peace and not trying to see what was going on in the rest of the world to try to clear my mind. 

Trying to blog for Peace everyday can be a challenge. 
Because there is so many reasons it is hard to wrap your mind around 1 thing?
I also have a page on Facebook called " I Love Peace " where I ask folks to post things to Promote Peace. One of the Peace Loving people there posted about the "Peaceful Protest Occupying of Wall Street" 
Thanks to this person I did some checking....
I have not seen anything on the regular news ???
A friend told me that a Peace blog should not be covering politics ?
I can't see how we will make Peace happen till the Leaders of the world realize we are Not happy with what is going on and we need Peace .

Peace of mind that comes with jobs, food & shelter for everyone !
This is a request I see in country after country .... the rich get richer and the poor gets the shaft! 

So for the next few Reasons I blog for Peace ,  I am going to be Political ! 
I am going to try to find the Peace filled Protesters that are working for a Better World for all . Not just the fat cats of the countries! 

I must believe in the power of the word , the power of the people, the power of Bloggers ! 

Have you heard about the protesters on Wall St ! They have been there 11 days ! 
Why haven't we heard more about this ? 
Why doesn't the media cover Peace ? It took violence from the police to get the media cover it! 

 In the 11 days since they arrived, a few hundred activists protesting American capitalism have turned a New York City park into an urban campground, with rules, routines and entertainment.
Down With Wall Street, but Keep the Pizza Coming 

Occupy Wall Street- Police Brutality, Arrests, MSM blackout

Let the Revolution begin ! As long as they stay at Wall St I will keep posting for them each day and maybe more !
If you post about this remember tag your story with Occupy Wall Street
Let them know we are talking about them !

Make Peace and Blessing be upon us all ! 

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