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Sunday, September 11, 2011

#55 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace /Remembering 9/11/2011

I can remember what I was doing on this day! I was outside the K-5 school I worked for as a custodian . I remember the Nuclear power plant making an unfamiliar and unscheduled blast on the warning siren ! I went to tell the man I worked with and we went to see if we  could find anything on the TV in the library on the news. We turned it on just as the plane hit the second tower. 
As I said We were custodians , That is the Care takers of the school. 
Our school , our 500 and some children we were there to make it a safe environment . 
I remember going home that night and wanting to hold my own children that were home a little tighter that night and  worrying about the one I could not hold. 
I remember crying more tears than I knew I had for all the lives took and surviving this terrible day .
I remember and 10 years later , I wonder still Why ? 
So on this day I pray ...
God bless and open the minds of every person that has been touched by that day and for the next 10 years let them find Peace in their hearts and help bring this world to peace so no person anywhere no matter their skin color , beliefs and country has to feel the grief of loosing their children ,family and friends . 
May Peace and Blessings be upon You all.    

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  1. Lovely. I wanted to get to my loved ones too. And our tears still flow today.


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