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Saturday, September 10, 2011

#56 /100 Reasons I Blog4Peace / 13 Grandmothers

Okay  I am still trying to get to my story together of learning tolerance  from the racism and prejudice I dealt with as a child growing up in America. Skeletons ... do I really want to rattle those bones? 
Why not make them into a wind chime for Peace? In the meantime I have been thinking of the past a lot ? How it has made me what I am? What it Could have made me ?
This always brings me to my Grandmother. The one living Saint I was blessed in knowing in my lifetime . She was my Mother Teresa.
Never claiming to be a Saint just was, not perfect but striven to be so . She loved everyone and liked most . Not judging You for what You had ,wore or WAS. 
I can only hope to be half the woman she was .  

  I am a Grandmother now of 5 blessings , this is something I am proud of and I also take this title serious and to the heart . 
Knowing these children are facing a world Much harsher than what I grew up with , which was damned hard enough . This is why everyday I strive to figure out how I can help make this world a little better for the generations ahead of us.

Today I was talking to my Mother who lives in a big city and scared to go out at night in front of her own building. This is a government housing for elderly and handicap . Over 150 people in 1 building and they don't think they need security there !?
With 9/11 being tomorrow the TV has all this FEAR FACTOR going on... Something may happen? Someone may try something?
How much $$$ will our Government spend tomorrow alone for Extra security for New York City , while there are towns near there flooding ? How long will those flood victims have to wait for help?
I wonder how secure those folks feel about our government's priorities right now?
  We were talking about all that has happened in the last generation or 2 . The US Wars against terrorism is making  Poverty and Violence in Our Own Country worse . Our country's priorities are screwed up. We need to take care of the wars and hunger in our own streets first!!
How can we be Peacekeepers in over 160 countries and not have  Peace in the USA ?? 

Then she said , "I am glad that your Grandmother is not alive to see this. It would make her so mad she'd have a heart attack all over again! "The first thing that came to my mind was " Oh how I wish she was here to give me some wisdom to go with the anger and confusion I am feeling right now ?!" 
Well later I found some Grandmothers on a Page for Peace on Facebook! 13 Grandmothers out to change the world for the next 7 generations ! Wow , I have watched these 2 videos , laughed and cried and Praised the Holy Spirit for letting me find this blessing today. I am going to be checking into them more too. 

If You have any knowledge about them or any Peace Loving People you would like me to blog about let me know? 

  Well I am off to have a walk in my garden because that is where I find my peace . 

May Peace and Blessings be upon You all. 

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