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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#20/100 Reasons I Blog4Peace/Greensboro Peace


I decided to see what was going on in the big city of Greensboro ,NC , where my Mom lives. 

I heard the president was going to be there over the weekend and I knew there was suppose to be an "Occupy Together" going on too? Well it turned out he refused to speak to them ?

Then I start noticing the other headlines there???

The crime is getting insane there. Especially if you are looking for a safe place for a Senior citizen on a fixed income .She has been trying to get GHA to help find her something Safe on a lower level home with a little yard she could grow flowers?? But that has not gone so well?  So here are just some things I found in the headlines

Stressful weekend for police

Another homicide in Greensboro? Police are investigating a shooting death on Randleman Road this morning.

They must be exhausted after an extremely stressful weekend: thousands of visitors in town for N.C. A&T Homecoming, which included a parade Saturday morning; the Occupy Greensboro march and campout; and way too much crime.
Two nonfatal shootings at a nightclub early Sunday.
Another nonfatal shooting Saturday night.
An armed robbery at a gas station early Sunday.
A stabbing early Sunday.
Another armed robbery and assault Saturday evening.
Forgive them if they doze off during the speechmaking.

 other headlines  

Police: Man Stabbed After Intruders Wake Him Up 9:17 AM, Oct 14, 2011

Police Respond To Seven Different Armed Robberies Within Six Hours In Northern Greensboro 9:03 AM, Oct 15, 2011 

Neglected Areas in Greensboro 

Here is a video of some of the areas my mom has to look through like the first video too??

More on part 2 coming next blog .
May Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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  1. That is great and everything is true. I am so proud of you. You do such wonderful bloging.
    Thank you so much for putting the truth out.
    Love you, Mom


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