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Thursday, October 27, 2011

#9/100 Reasons I Blog4Peace/ Let's Hug

I love this song ! One day

I found this cool story that combines so many good things I just had to share .
Hugs , Recycling , Upcycling ,caring , Peace and love ! 
People sharing these wonderful things together . 
Not for Mass Profit and Gain .
Just to make the world better !  

And you know what’s especially cool (for school!)? 
The structures are made out of plastic bottles. The local communities gather the bottles and build the “bottle schools” on their own, taking ownership of the projects and teaching kids valuable skills along the way. Watch the video below and see the children get involved!
Hug It Forward’s first project—in Granados, Guatemala—used more than 5,000 plastic bottles to build two classrooms that almost 300 children use every day. Since then, the nonprofit has built nine more schools, with three in progress and even more being planned.
How To Build A School Out Of Plastic Bottles...

the next video about Hugs was
HUGitForward Movement -Be the Change to Change The WORLD go to

I believe in Hugs , Be the change , go Hug the world ! 

Check out how these kids have decided to change the world 

Change the World in 5 Minutes - Everyday at School 

May Peace and blessings be upon You. 

"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." -- Nelson Mandela

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