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on NOV 4th I am involved with "BlogBlast for Peace"

"It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, November 4, 2013

Dona Nobis Pacem 2013 from NC

Well here I am again trying to come up with my blog4PEACE less than a day to go .
When I started doing this I worked weeks on it .
 Of course at that time I was not in a daily fight !
Fighting makes it hard to find peace !
I was much happier before I started this fight against our NC government wanting to destroy NC with fracking.
  At least once a day I totally feel as though I am wasting my time and just making more enemies than I can bear.
Often I think of the quote "An eye for an eye will only leave the world Blind" Gandhi

Fighting is a negative word and I have made it my goal after trying to write this 'blog for peace' to find a way to share the "Love of Nature" and stop fighting ...
Yet I will continue to try to do something because sitting around doing nothing does not give me peace either .

Well I did a search for 'Peace in NC' .... Look what I found , Coloring pages !
I think I am going to print them out and ask my grandson to color them for me so I can hang them up !
That should give us both some smiles !

PEACE is truly a Journey .... I have found writing this just how far away I feel from Peace these days...
After checking out the coloring pages I decided to see what they were about and checked out the resources .
It made me smile again ... I realized even when I thought I'd given up on peace several of these people I have met along the protest with me against fracking too.
 It is called "Peaceful demonstrations" although it is leading to civil disobedience these days .

Trying to find words for this year's blog has really woke me up I really need to find a more peaceful way to make changes here . I don't like even saying 'I fight' everyday for anything ! It just feels so negative ?
The words "Peace begins with me " came to mind several times while typing, so I decided to search for the phrase ...
What do you know there is a site with that name too ! I like their Peace Hero cards !

Well I can honestly say if this blog does not get read by 1 person it was still 'Well worth writing'
because I have learned from doing it and will strive to make changes in My life to bring more peace to it to share with others .
Starting with finding better ways to encourage people to want to take care of the earth and the creatures on it , including the humans !
Use positive energy to teach why we should take care of the earth , instead using negative energy to fight those that just don't care .

I want to thank Mimi Lenox from "Mimi Writes" for the inspiration to blog for peace . Her inspiration has spread world wide with 100's of bloggers writing for peace . If you would like to join this BlogBlastforPeace go here .
 Also check out Mimi's blog for her Nov 4 2013 post
May Peace and Blessings be upon You.
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