Reason for blog

" I Blog4Peace"

on NOV 4th I am involved with "BlogBlast for Peace"

"It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Peace Pictures

These 1st shown are on this page are From the Peace Globe movement 
I have had the privilege of being a part of this growing group of peace bloggers from around the world since the middle of 2010 and it has really made me grow!
I have grown very fond of this cause, the people involved which were all brought together by a dream a Goal of ONE person who decided to use a marble to make a globe
Here is the link to how it all began. 
 Here are some examples of the pictures that have been created as templates from that marble globe that she has shared with the world to spread the word of Peace ! 

These are pictures I have found on searches , For some weird Picacsa Photo Album wants to write my FlowerImpressions name on all the pics I post so I have to figure that out and then I will replace them .   I will try to give the link to the person it came from if possible . It you see one of yours let me know in the comments, I'd be glad to tag it! 

 She shared at the Facebook group, where she is one of the Peace-worker-bees at to the spread the word of Peace. 
This cutey was made by Michelle , Go check her blog out.
" PeaceThimbles"

 this was shared with me by a person at the "I Love Peace" Face book page 

if you have a picture you would like to share , leave a comment and a link to the picture . 
Thanks for looking and sharing and Peace


  1. The Daisy heart is my creation. :-)

    No need to tag, I'm just happy to see it here.

  2. Michelle thanks for sharing . Flowers are my passion along with Peace and you put them together well.


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